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Workers' Compensation Insurance is health insurance coverage that employers are required by law to provide for their employees who get sick or injured on the job.


The oldest social health insurance program still in existence, Workers Compensation requirements were adopted in Sydney during the early 1920s. The Workers Compensation Insurance system provides no-fault insurance coverage, meaning injured employees need not prove the injury was someone else's fault in order to receive benefits.

Workers' Compensation Insurance is based on a trade between the employee and the employer; employees promptly receive care for job-related injury or illness and in exchange Workers Compensation insurance benefits are the exclusive right for injured employees against their employer - even in a case where an employer is proven negligent.

provides assistance to California-based organizations seeking Workers Compensation Insurance. Your Account Executive will evaluate your business, assess your needs, and uncover the means of saving your organization money with proper categorization of employees and the proper plan design.

Stepping Stone Agents have access to a wide range of discount Workers Compensation programs provided by the most respected insurers in California.

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