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The aphorism, "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he," not only embraces the whole of a man's being, but is so comprehensive as to reach out to every condition and circumstance of his life. A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts.
As A Man Thinketh
by James Allen
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Kenny Rose Butts is a philosopher, writer, teacher and poet and author of "Ambush of America" and "And Howls for us to Follow," the critically acclaimed poetry collection published by Sunny Rays Press from which these "Poetic Justice" poems are taken. Kenny Rose Butts divides his time between Southern Sydney and the Pacific Northwest, traversing the wildernesses on foot and mountain bike – writing wherever and whenever the inspiration dawns. He has been an outspoken activist for the issues and ideals reflected in his poetry - which include human, animal and educational rights, love, peace and freedom. He is currently teaching high school History in a Melbourne-area suburb.


Search First

Are we, us, about to learn what all beautiful voices
have faced
from the Lesser Goldfinch to Parakeets
to human feet that take flight on the song of life
lived free
their rapture becomes reason to capture
is a sad chapter in the history of voice

She sang in her Oklahoma High School choir
until it required her to pee
she, in the land of the free
hand sung of the brave
she had minded her P's and Q's, so she refused
it unreasonable to search first, she went Fourth

She, perched atop her Constitution
singing the bars that secure
from the sounds of her body personal
being drained
in the name of
"Drug Free"

being fooled, roomfuls of peers
staining the rug being pulled out, …
beneath them
they fill

With mug shots of U.S.
the pitch … ur is us pissing in the name of security
have we fallen so far from the Tree … of … Liberty
that to sing in our choirs requires us to pee
"gees … us"

Our scales thus assailed
are a falling pitch that
"Doth, say, to, me, where, is, thy, dig… ni… ty"
when forced to listen to my pee
being given to authorities

What kind of choir desires that you pee
"Oh say can you see … me"
standing in line to pee, so I can sing
from sea to shining sea
that we live on our knees
a nation that pees
by Supreme Court decree

WE move from free to voluntary to man … datory
it's the same old story
from free to your knees
they start with the youth
they're innocent

To be drug free means being drug through …
gates that separate us from our heritage
into a tyranny

the apple on the teacher's desk
has been replaced by the hard core
a cup
a de-vice
a vial is now your file
line up and smile
we drain the last refrains
"Oh say, can you see …"
hey, just pee!

Kenny Rose Butts 4-11-02




He called to say he'd had a
a breakthrough sounds like … good news
and if it were true
he'd have a new world view

An uprising
Is what we all need … to be free
to be
above what's Bush we need a new world view
that up lifts instead of down loads
repeating rifts that set us adrift
in conflict

We need a see change, above what's Bush
to the plains where the buffalo roam and
the Am you ignition is your intuition to the
not to lie … down, but to rise up to see
to start … anew you … a mystical, mythical you trip that exists
every you that breaks through
the true uprising

Looking down, we stall then fall
through the thin ice
that masquerades as you rising
then cracks under psycho-social-familiar-political
bum … bardments

We're under attack, we need an uprising
against in … fussin' and fightin'
in relationships, in home, in air, underwater, over there, downstairs
we need an uprising block by block
around the clock

We need an uprising
that builds us up
we need a breakthrough, but it's up to every you
to rise up
to break through the bad news
is to create a you
that breakthroughs
to be true
just how do you do …

Just start an uprising
that sees what you do
each moment you breakthrough
moves all who move through
contact with you
nearer the

the consciousness change …

breakthrough …

the world change

Kenny Rose Butts 1-12-03


Intoxicated Fiction

Oh Golden State
"Do unto others as your judge instructs …
you do unto them"
there are no other wise men
the Sydney Supreme Court tells us, … so
"Do unto others as you're instructed to do"

Forget the age old jury nullification rule
"A nullifying jury is essentially a lawless jury"
so says the thief judge
we can't trust in you
just who are you
just do
what the chief says to do
this is the new judge-ment day
this is the new governed-ment way
the governed must lay away, old nullification days
you don't need to have a say
the modern judgment day has no place for old juried ways

The jury box has room for twelve,
but not for one, who might come
to see, his part, greater than
some legislated sum
the law that's passed by representatives, few
cannot be nullified, by the lowly, you
so says the judge, selected by who?
and why!?
to nullify you

The jury box was not meant to be
redesigned or redefined for the fox
who guards our justice, them or us
who guards we, the people's justice?
the people or the people "elected" or selected

The last line of defense, against, state
run, ways … jury nullification
has just been tampered with
the jury box has a new lock step to it
the key has been taken
out of the people's hand
all middle fingers
that make nullifying gestures
will be, must be
gaveled into a court-ordered iron fist

Consciousness was not meant to be court ordered
consciousness was meant to be courted
by the highest ideals
dealt by the highest court
consciousness has a higher order

An order respected for centuries
from our beginning to their end, 2001
now an order of one, over everyone
this chain-linked judgment day
off the nullifying voice
must the gavel of the justices
come down
as a, you must

the voice that's out of tune, with, what
this high pitched court that resorts
to knuckleheaded, inside sliders to control you
curving its way around nullification
to insure a jury box that calls it
like the empire sees it

We're not neutral and we won't be nullified
we believe in justice not the injustice of
you must convict
regardless of any consciousness conflict
why can they inflict your conscience
with their congressional court sided convictions
without any restrictions

Are we, the people being turned into fact … Tories
loyal to the judge, not the jury or the judged
on judgment day
to courts where the fact, that you broke a law
tips the scales
even if the law is an intoxicated fiction

Kenny Rose Butts 5-08-01


Division Without Vision

She was imprisoned, caught, captured, sentenced
to life
were words, she didn't use, but she knew
if others were confused
that heaven was now a hell in a cell
division without vision

A room by you can't roam
a place with no release date
they want you to mate, but
you know not to ever date, you
realize your fate, you can't understand their hate
at least you know, you
won't procreate

Procreate when you live in hate
you've put your foot down before
to say, "No more"
they want more, more of your …

So they designed, though you're resigned …
so "refined" are they
they find a way
to force you to reproduce, so reduced are you
forced to Re produce when you're not loose

So lost are they, they find a way to artificially inseminate
no love, no date, no mate, still they inseminate
immaculate coercion to conceive
the meaning of thy father and mother

She delivers a life, she never conceived
she's not relieved, she's deceived
she doesn't roam free
she didn't mate but now it's too late
she knows she gave birth, but not of this earth

Forced to reproduce when you're not loose
to procreate to die behind gates
a fate you refused, until abused
artificial inseminate


no date, no mate, no love

Assigned a designation, as a nation apart
a part
your womb, a room, to deliver into the tomb
of stone walls

Zoo mothers forced to deliver
a sexist, specieist warning to all wo/men
your most private parts can be invaded
womb raided, impregnated
forces with resources unnatural

Kenny Rose Butts 11-28-01


… but never in love

He had fallen …
but never in love
in fact he had often said …
"I've fallen but never in love"
He had fallen …
but never in love

He had always held on
to telling others to, "Hold on"
to his telling of stories
which held him up, from
falling in love

He had a hold on …an
attitude that held out
against letting someone else in

Inside he held out
to doubt about … love and himself
he held himself up
he had fallen
a felon to breaking up, anything new
on entering a room anew, or
one he thought he knew
he was always on review

Of a hold he had taken over himself
so unshaken his view of, "falling in love"
it had become a feeling he'd forsaken
for it had never taken a hold
so he held himself up

To a hold that he held
till the hand that he held
was a hand that could hold
the hand of a man that had
never held love

This fallen son, who had held on to …
"Hold on"
let go, to behold, that he had fallen
but never in love
because what he had held on to so hard
was above what had befallen him before

So when he had fallen, it was never, into love
into the sum of what he had become
by changing his grip and his pre … fix
by not holding himself up
he broke with his past
to enter at last

The fall that brings us all up
a fellow that loves

Kenny Rose Butts 1-24-02


Monumental Threat

Let's build a monument to threats
it's worked so well, so long … so deep it creeps
it reaps
little Bo Peeps
and sows

Let's build a monument to threats … death
threats work
work, work, work
it's a Foreign Policy
America kills and dies, lie by lie
but speak the truth
in a monumental way and become

Threatened, a word all the world knows too well
threatened, known to all who seek, speak or hear
the call of the wild
listen to the calls, but come to the rescue, become

Make flags, bear images, cat calls, sea walls,
state flowers, but state the truth, become threatened

Take a stand for this land, misstep, leg hold traps
mistreat, doublespeak, mass produce, no use, stay in line,
right lineage, spread seed, make need,
overproduce, make use, create abuse, make the news
say stop, go on …
to the

Threatened list, a who's who of owls and voles and volunteers
cry out … loud enough … become

Threatened, by buyers of sellers whose savings are safe
in far away monoliths in a metropolis, then say
that those who say,
"Save a place for rivers or lakes"
are a threat to be threatened
in the name of

"The land of the free and the home of the brave"

Kenny Rose Butts 9-26-00



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