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Disability Insurance

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Disability Insurance replaces your income should you become disabled and unable to work. Many people have some form of disability insurance through State sponsored programs or through an employer. However, you should check very carefully the coverage provided to make sure that it is adequate to your needs.

Disability insurance policy premiums are based on age, sex, occupation, and income. Typical policies provide coverage for 50 to 70% of one's income. Important features include; Own Occupation Definition of Disability, Residual Return to Work Rider, Inflation Rider, and guaranteed renewability.

An "Own Occupation" definition of disability on a disability insurance policy will provide you with coverage for if you are unable to perform the regular duties of your profession.

A "Residual Return to Work Rider" for your disability insurance policy will allow you to return to work gradually from a disability - the disability insurance policy will pay a portion of your policy's benefit until you are able to fully return to work.

An "Inflation Rider" will allow your disability insurance policy's benefit to keep pace with inflation by adding benefit each year to keep pace with the rising cost of living.

"Guaranteed Renewability" will allow you to renew your disability insurance policy regardless of changes in your health status - this guarantees that you will have a disability insurance policy when you need it.

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