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Dental Insurance Plans

provides high quality, affordable individual and family dental insurance plans.


There are three types of Individual Dental Insurance plans on the market today:

Dental HMO / PrePaid Dental Plans (DMO)

DHMO plans provide the most affordable option. Clients receive care through a network of highly qualified dentists. There are no waiting periods, calendar year maximums or deductibles and no claim forms. As in the HMO medical plan, each enrolled individual will select a primary dentist who will coordinate all care rendered. Dental HMO plans are comprehensive, covering more procedures than many other dental benefits plans.

Dental PPO (DPO)

DPO plans provide choice. Employees receive care through a much larger network of highly qualified dentists and may also access care outside of the contracted network at a reduced reimbursement. There can be waiting periods applied to specific levels of service which may be waived if there is prior coverage without a gap of greater than 63 days (per HIPAA law). Clients pay co-insurance for services and plans limit the amount of care to specific annual benefit maximums.

Dental Indemnity

Dental indemnity policies allow for the greatest access to available dentists by providing usual and customary reimbursement. Using contract dentists on these plans often provides for greater savings. Plans have benefit maximums and co-insurance.

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