health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insuranceHealth Insurance Quotes - Sydney Health Insurance - Individual Health Insurance - Group Health Insurance
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
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health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
Stepping Stone Insurance Services (SSIS) is an independent Sydney health insurance agency concerned about social and environmental issues throughout the world. Our Good Karma Program donates 1% of premiums to Progressive Causes.

SSIS specializes in providing quotes for Sydney health insurance. We are experts in Sydney individual health insurance , providing family & individual health insurance quotes for Term Life Insurance , Dental Insurance , Vision Insurance , and Disability Insurance.

SSIS has successfully built both Sydney health insurance and national group health insurance plans and Employee Benefits for businesses of all sizes. We provide quotes for Group Health Insurance , Life Insurance , Dental Insurance , Vision Insurance , Disability Insurance , affordable dental plans , Workers Compensation and specialty group health insurance plans and supplemental insurance plans..

We meet each of our clients needs by researching the best health insurance plans at the lowest possible rates and provide unparalleled customer service.

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Most Common Travel Insurance Questions and Answers You Need to Know

Travel Insurance

When travelling, it is extremely important to have travel insurance. Many people have many misconceptions about travel insurance. Below is a list of questions that you need to know about travel insurance.

Does travel insurance only involve health insurance?

No. Travel insurance can cover so much more than just your health. Aside from accidental injuries and sudden illnesses, travel insurance also covers for trip cancellations, fight interruptions, emergency transportations, and loss of items during travels.

Does the travel insurance cover all illnesses?

Not exactly. According to travel.voyagevietnam, the health insurance under travel insurance only covers unexpected emergencies, for example, breaking an arm or a leg, food poisoning or getting local diseases like dengue. The travel insurance does not cover for getting a tooth filling.

Why is using my credit card not good enough?

Most credit cards offer very little protection. They offer coverage for lost items, trip cancellation and medical expenses only if you have booked your flight using the card. The card may also not cover you unless the policy is activated before the trip. When a credit card covers the cost, the coverage limit might be very small that the difference that you top up with ends up to be much more than expected. The American express card Platinum is the only one that offers maximum protection. However, it costs a fortune. The credit card should not be relied on fully.

Why are most of the reviews online about travel insurance negative?

That is because most people do not read the terms and conditions. They buy it and make an assumption about what the insurance covers. When something happens and it cannot be covered by the insurance, they become very angry. When they lack the appropriate documents to help support their claim, they turn to the internet to complain. They write negative things about the company. Negative reviews by users who failed to read the fine print about the policy do not mean that the insurance company is a bad idea. Insurance companies always give reimbursement if the claim is covered by their policy. There are lots of paperwork involved, but you get your claim eventually. As long as you have documentation or you have proof you owned what was lost, you will be accepted. Insurance companies do not take word of mouth. 

Will the travel insurance cover accidents while in the home country?

Yes. Some insurance may cover you while you are in your home country. They cover 100 miles or more from your stated permanent address and outside your home country. For example, when you’re travelling to Vietnam, you will surely be covered as you are outside your country.

It all depends on the policy that you have. They mostly have conditions about where you can travel to and when the coverage begins and ends.

The importance of travel insurance cannot be stressed enough as it has helped several travellers. Nobody plans for something bad to happen, but when it does, you will be glad you have insurance. Before accepting a policy, ask yourself the questions above.

Movies for Insurance Firms


You might think that insurance as a theme in a movie is plain and boring, but it’s actually a very interesting subject to tackle in the big screen, especially for insurance agents who work in insurance firms. If you’re an agent who’s looking for ideas to enhance your chosen career, read below and get to know our list of putlocker movies for insurance firms.


It’s frightening to file insurance claims and get a huge amount of money from it. If it is not the right time to push it, the action can be so damaging, and you wouldn't know what will happen next. This is what the movie is all about. The movie involves a man named Andrew Wyke who receives an offer that is too good to be true. The other person, Milo Tindle, agrees for the sake of love. Sleuth is a film directed by Joseph Mankiewicz based on a 1970s play by Anthony Shaffer.

The Truman Show

This movie is starred by the famous actor Jim Carrey, playing the role of Truman Burbank, an insurance salesman. In this story, you will learn how to deal with reality as different people unlocks the art of building relationships. The movie is directed by Peter Weir and written by Andrew Niccol.

Evil Under the Sun

Businesses face different challenges every day, and it's a part of the strategy to put up an investigation in place when it comes to dealing with losses and threats. In this movie, it reflects how a detective, hired by an insurance company, deal with tracing the root of the crime. This film is based on a book Evil Under the Sun by Agatha Christie.

Cedar Rapids

This movie presents the lighter side of the insurance industry. It follows the journey of a rather ingenuous agent as he attends a conference in Cedar Rapids. Despite the setbacks, the main guys eventually succeed in their venture.

The Raisin in the Sun

This 1961 movie may be a classic film, but it gives people an insight on how important life insurance can be. The movie is all about a family living in a small apartment following the death of the father. The family waits for the check from the insurance company which each member wants to spend for different purposes.

Alias Jesse James

Starred by Bob Hope, this insurance themed movie is a comedy film with a plot that involves Hope as an insurance agent who sells a life insurance policy to Jesse James and subsequently protects the insurance holder so that the company will not pay out. The plot twist is that James plans to collect the policy while he’s still alive.

The world of insurance is a tough industry for insurance agents. If you’re an insurance agent who constantly struggles in your career, you need inspirations from movies to remind yourself that your work is important and that you can be successful in your field as long as you work hard for your feat.

What will my Insurance Cover when I Undergo Surgery?


If you’re asked to undergo surgery, immediate concerns and worries can be elicited by this common announcement from surgeons and medical experts. Be it major operations such as heart bypass or appendectomy to minimally-invasive surgeries like arthroscopy, the primary concern is the cost. Whether it is to improve one’s health or save your life, surgeries need attention and funds. This is the primary reason for getting a health insurance from reliable companies. But how much can your insurance support your surgery? Will you have to pay for excess?

Each insurance is unique from each other. One plan may offer more and the other may provide less. It all depends on what kind of health plan you are enrolled in. Thus, it is best to educate yourself on how your insurance can cover your surgery.

Inquire about your Surgical Expenses

If you are having problems with your spine and you need to undergo an operation, you may need to ask your spine surgeon in NJ about the breakdown of your operation. If you are planning to get a cosmetic surgery, ask your surgeon about an estimate.

Doing so will help you prepare for the surgery. Remember that doctors may not have an accurate estimation of the expenses for the preparation, care, and follow up of your operation. However, the more you ask, the more idea you will have of your future expenses.

Include other Additional Costs

The financial expenditure may include pre-operative examinations such as x-rays, blood tests, intravenous medications, anesthesia, and hospital stay, among others. Make sure that you have estimated these costs to equip oneself of the budget needed before the operation.

Study your Health Plan

Understanding your coverage plan helps you assess whether or not it caters to your needs. There are hospitals that align with your insurance network. This means that certain operations and services are provided by the hospital in accordance with your health plan network.

If you think your insurance plan lacks something, you need to enroll in another plan that suits your needs better. Some countries implement legislation and regulations protecting patients from sudden hospital billings. It would be better to call or visit your insurance company to verify the services if they’re full or partial coverage.

What’s not Covered

As enticing as any health plan sounds, there will always be limitations and commonality to their coverage. These are the usual needs that most insurances do not cover:

Cosmetic Surgeries

An operation to make you look better is not deemed as medically necessary by health plans. However, if you need a nose job to improve breathing or breast surgery after a mastectomy, then that becomes part of the medical necessities.

Preventive Examinations

Cholesterol screening and mammograms are usually covered, but there are also tests that are not included. Thus, it’s better to be sure with your insurance company.   

Travel Vaccines

Typhoid or Yellow Fever vaccine like any other travel vaccines are not considered as medical necessities by insurance companies.

Insurance coverage all depends on the type of health plan you are enrolled in. That’s why before a major or minor surgery, make sure to check on your insurance plan.

Bright Prospects for Cryptocurrency Insurance

Graphic Design

With the presence of cryptocurrencies growing due to the usage of various cryptocurrencies and crypto trading, it’s no surprise that a lot of other industries are trying to get into the bandwagon. Lately, insurance giant Allianz has announced in a Bloomberg news report that the company has become interested in creating an insurance medium for cryptocurrency. As this is something rather new, Allianz’s movement could pave way for cryptocurrency insurance to become mainstream.

Why Is Insurance Needed for Cryptocurrencies?

The thing about the cryptocurrency market is that it is still rather small since it is made out up just tech startups, tech enthusiasts, and investors. However, these participants have been exposed to the unstable nature of cryptocurrencies with it being pretty new and all. In fact, cryptocurrencies are quite vulnerable to theft on the internet. Take the example of the big Coincheck hack where a lot of cryptos were stolen. Another example would be from those who do Bitmex trading and part of the Bitmex Telegram Group in the popular platform Bitmex. A number of users have reported their accounts being hacked and their money still inside. Bitmex’s hacking incident wasn’t as big as Coincheck’s but was still enough to cause a ruckus.

Of course, the price instability and the security issues can already show you that the money of the people isn’t secured when on the web. That’s where cryptocurrency insurance comes in. With all the possible threats that investors, traders, and startups can experience, it would be great to have a blanket of insurance just in case of a whopping loss.

The Current State of Cryptocurrency Insurance

As early as February this year, there have already been a few companies that have started to offer some cryptocurrency insurance premiums. These include AIG, Chubbs, and XL Group. However, these companies haven’t gone mainstream with these service yet as the market is still very raw. They have been quietly offering these premiums to crypto startups so that these startups can be protected from hacking or theft. In fact, BitGo is one of the first tech companies to avail of these types of insurance policies.

Bringing Cryptocurrency Insurance to the Mainstream Market

As mentioned above, Allianz is also getting into the whole cryptocurrency insurance craze simply because there is a market for it. In fact, Allianz spokesperson Christian Weishuber states that:

“Digital assets are becoming more relevant, important and prevalent on the real economy and we are exploring product and coverage options in this area”

This shows that he does see the potential of cryptocurrencies to prevail as one of the main currencies on the future. This gives room for the growth of the cryptocurrency insurance premiums and may possibly allow it to go mainstream.


Of course, all of this is still yet to be seen since not many people or companies have availed of cryptocurrency insurance premiums yet due to the high cost. If the demand keeps going up though, then we may see the costs go down. With that, cryptocurrency insurance policies can be more welcomed by the market.

How Insurance Companies Can Successfully Collaborate with A Graphic Design Firm

Graphic Design

Insurance companies need graphic designers from time to time for their marketing tools and other campaigns. The success of the graphic design project lies in how well you collaborate with your chosen graphic design Singapore firm. If you’ve had a bad experience with a graphic design firm before or this is your first time working with one, the following are some of the tips to ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish:

Allow your graphics professionals creative leeway

Instead of demanding them to paint by numbers, give some leeway to exercise their creativity. Graphic design firms like Secret Hideout (a creative design agency based in Singapore), especially those who have been in the industry for long years, have most likely stayed afloat because they have what it takes. Their strength lies in their creativity and if you go too formulaic when it comes to the deadline and execution, that could be counterproductive. Stay open-minded when receiving fresh concepts and just be results-based. After all, your main goal is just to use their talent to come up with a message that’s unique and memorable.

Trust your chosen graphic design firm

You may have a particular picture in mind out from that snapshot you took on vacation and you though it should really be integrated into your design as well. However, when your designer tells you that the resolution or lighting is not good or that font is obsolete or has certain connotations, trust them. After all, they are the ones operating in that industry. One of the jobs of graphic design experts is to know the trends. And instead of pushing your pre-conceived ideas too much, appreciate that your chosen graphic designer is actually suggesting and giving relevant and updated information rather than just following you for the sake of it. In the end, remember who is the expert.

Pay per project rather than per hour

Hourly setup may only lead to too much paperwork and even delays because of constant project estimation and re-estimation. Per-project deals are better and more manageable. The success rate of per-project deals is also higher.

Understand that digital media is a huge marketing deal today

After your graphics firm has completed the design work you’ve paid for, check if they can also have something to add to better your social media profile. Remember: consistency is important in branding. There should be cohesion when it comes to the designs you use across all of your marketing platforms.

Working with a graphic design firm is an investment. If you want your insurance company to make it to the top, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to cover all aspects thoroughly. From building your website to crafting your brochure, you need the help of a graphic design expert to get the job done the best way possible. First, choose the right firm with a solid reputation. Second, trust their expertise. And lastly, wait and see how excellent graphic design works wonders in driving your business success.

5 Marketing Trends for Insurance Agents

Instagram for Insurance Agents

Having the best marketing strategy is the key to successfully close a deal.  However, there are no perfect ingredients to create the best marketing strategy for a particular business. Most of the time, it takes trial and error to finally formulate the best strategy.

As an insurance agent, creating your own marketing strategy can be challenging.  However, with the right execution of these marketing tips, you might just establish the best marketing strategy for you.

Utilize Social Media for Possible Clients

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to get clients.  Social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow your posts to reach millions of people all over the world. Aside from that, it can target the right audience that is interested in your products. These prospects can also share and like your posts containing your products and services.

Social media marketing is not an easy feat, and so you have to take care of every part of the process. If you are worried about how to hack an Instagram account, there are several ways to secure your account. For Instagram users, you can update your Instagram Account security to avoid hacking. Aside from that, if you have other social media accounts, link them together. That way, you can make it easier for friends and other clients to follow, like, and share your posts.  

Content Creation for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is fairly easy.  When making contents for your website, make sure to use relevant photos and hashtags. Most people forego hashtags. However, hashtags are very important. They serve as keywords whenever you are searching the internet.

To know the best hashtag for your website, look for specific keywords that are relevant to your website. Aside from that, make sure to post regularly. That way, your audience will know when you have a new product or service offers or other updates that they should check out.

Paid Lead Generation

If you want to generate leads of prospects immediately, you can use paid ads. Facebook, YouTube, and Google offer effective paid ads. One of the best things about paid ads is that it makes your ads more visible. Aside from the three sites mentioned above, there are other websites who also offer paid ads for a relatively cheap price.


SEO marketing can be a really challenging quest. However, it is one of the best ways to get more leads.  With the help of a successful SEO campaign, you can easily attract leads whenever people would google for keywords like “insurance”.  Running even one successful campaign can bring you lasting results.

You do not have to start with global SEO, but you can start with the local SEO. To do so, make sure that your local data in Google is accurate. Aside from that, make sure to get good reviews from your clients. That way, you can easily generate leads in your locality.

Articles and Blogs

Most people often ask information about the products and services that you offer. Putting it into writing makes it easier for your clients to understand your products. This branding strategy allows your client to trust you and your knowledge about your field.


These are just some of the marketing strategies that you can freely apply. You don’t have to apply everything. Just choose one of the strategies that work well for you and see how it goes. After all, no successful marketing campaign happens overnight.

Does Medical Insurance Cover CBD Oil Treatments

CBD Oil Treatment Insurance

The use of medical marijuana products like CBD oil is spiraling in popularity all over the United States. Based on studies, 90% of those who use medical marijuana claim to have acquired positive results while 80% of doctors support the use of CBD oils and other medical marijuana products. Though this is the case, CBD oils and other products extracted from marijuana are yet to get federal approval.

What Truly Is CBD Oil

CBD is one of the compounds of marijuana. It is the natural extract from the cannabis plant which, when combined with ingredients like coconut or olive oil, make CBD oil. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound so it does not make you high.  CBD oil is essentially extracted from hemp rather than marijuana itself.  Hemp is quite different from marijuana in that it does not affect the functionality of the brain cells.

Studies and researches have already confirmed CBD oil to have extensive medical benefits. It is widely recommended for patients with inflammation and pain problems. In fact, it is approved in some states in the US. This does not mean, however, that it is already cleared as a prescription med for use in treatments.

CBD Oil and Insurance Coverage

With a huge number of studies backing the use of CBD oil for medical treatments, some states all over the United States have already approved its use while some states are yet to legalize its use.  Regardless of the legalization status of CBD oil, the big concern among most people is the issue of insurance coverage. Only a few insurance companies cover CBD oil use in their medical insurance coverage.  The biggest problem is that the premiums are extremely high and not many people can afford them.

Unfortunately, almost 99% of insurance companies do not cover CBD oils. This is based on the fact that CBD oil is a product of marijuana so it is categorized as one of the Schedule 1 controlled substances at the federal level.  Drugs and substances that are classified as Schedule 1 are considered illegal due to serious concerns on safety, the increased potential for abuse, and supposed non-medical use.   That said, even in the states that have approved the medical use of CBD oils, people have to use their out-of-pocket money to pay for the medication.

When deciding which drugs to add to their medical cover, most insurance companies only settle for medications that are clinically researched and clinically approved. Even with the extensive researches and scientific narratives recommending the use of CBD oil for treating different health conditions, there are no rigid clinical reports to support these claims.

Likewise, CBD oil is not FDA approved either, which means that its efficacy is still undergoing testing. It is good to get your facts right before you go ahead to buy a medical insurance policy. While it is already confirmed that most insurance companies do not offer coverage for CBD oil, you may be surprised to realize that your insurance company offers insurance coverage for CBD oil. Just do not be in a hurry to make your decision when choosing an insurance company. Conduct a thorough and extensive research to find the perfect insurance company for you.  And, do not hesitate to make inquiries about the drugs the insurance company covers on their medical insurance policy.

The Top 3 Insurances a New Family Must Consider

Family Insurance

Starting a new family entails a lot of responsibility in ensuring the wellness and safety of every member. It is best, therefore, to always be prepared, most especially for the unexpected.  This is the reason why it is prudent to take out an insurance policy or two for the family's protection.  However, choosing which kind of insurance coverage to have might be a confusing task. There are several types of policies that cover almost everything, from protection from car theft to home and property insurance, the selection process can become a confusing one.

However, the new family should prioritize and choose the most important insurance coverages suited to them.  They can then opt to add more policies as their finances allow them to and their needs and lifestyle require them to do so.  

Here are the top 3 insurances a new family must consider getting:

Home Insurance

This insurance is also known as homeowners insurance. This type of insurance covers four types of incidents: interior damage, exterior damage, loss of or damage to personal belongings, and injury occurred while on the site.

There are different varieties that offer different coverages but often cheap home insurance isn't hard to find. There are 8 coverage levels from HO-1 to HO-8 namely basic form, broad form, special form, tenant's form, comprehensive form, condo form, mobile home form, and older home form.

  • HO-1 is the most basic which only covers your home from events of fire and lightning.
  • HO-2 (broad form) has the coverage of HO-1 and additional events like natural occurrences of hail and windstorms, and man-made events like theft, vandalism, and explosion, among others.
  • HO-3 (special form) provides insurance for your home and additional structures like garages, boathouses and other similar structures. Although, when it comes to personal belongings, HO-3 only insures belongings that are covered by an HO-2 form.
  • HO-4 (tenant's form) has the same policy or damage coverage as HO-2 but is offered to tenants to protect their belongings on locations they have rented out.
  • HO-5 (comprehensive form) insures your home from all perils, unlike the previously mentioned forms that only cover specific perils or events.
  • HO-6 (condominium form) insures items not covered by the condominium's existing home insurance form.
  • HO-7 (mobile home form) accounts for similar insurance of property and belongings to homes that fall under the mobile home category.
  • HO-8 (older home form) covers homes that are built with discontinued materials and insure the costs of modern installations and updating of fixtures

Health Insurance

Health insurance helps you from incurring health-related expenses s such as doctor's appointments, test, drugs, and surgeries to name a few. It may also reimburse your expenses for the treatment of specific injuries and illnesses. It would be best, however, to be thoroughly knowledgeable with what the health insurance covers. 

Some varieties of health insurance are health maintenance organizations (HMO), preferred provider organizations (PPOs), and exclusive provider organizations (EPOs).

  • A Health Maintenance Organization has the least paperwork to fill out but also has the least "power" to pick your healthcare providers. Referrals are mostly needed before you can have an appointment.
  • Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) give you more freedom in choosing your health care providers compared to HMOs. They also do not require referrals from an accredited healthcare professional. You may also see out-of-network doctors. However, this kind of health insurance can be more expensive.
  • Exclusive provider organizations are similar to PPOs. They give you more freedom in choosing your physician with no referral needed. However, if you have this type of health insurance and decide to see an out-of-network doctor, you must pay all costs as EPOs do not cover it.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is essential, most especially for the family you leave behind when you pass. This can help your family who may lose their means of sustaining themselves, especially if you are the primary breadwinner.  It also covers the fees incurred as a result of the policy holder's passing such as mortuary and burial fees.

There are many types and forms of insurance that are needed by an individual and their family. Hence, you should know and fully understand the particular insurance program that is best suited to your family's lifestyle and financial capacity.

Private Health Insurance Coverage for Pregnancy: A Need to Reevaluate

Pregnancy Insurance

Understanding your health insurance as a mom-to-be is a very important step, considering that you will need a series of doctor visits and tests to be run on you and your baby. Being conversant with what your private health insurance can cover during your pregnancy can greatly assist you in avoiding surprises at the most crucial times.

In the past, private insurance companies offering health insurance could decline and refuse your application for their coverage while you are pregnant. This was mainly due to the fact that they considered pregnancy as a preexisting condition. However, this is not the case anymore. Nowadays health plans are not allowed under the Health Care Law to add additional charges just because you are pregnant.

Private health insurance plans (with maternity coverage) can foot the bill for every cost ranging from pregnancy to childbirth. This is applicable even if you were pregnant before your insurance coverage took effect. To young parents, this is a great relief financially since maternity care plus childbirth services are provided in their coverage before and after delivery of the baby. This can last up to when your baby starts to walk. Parents who look for the best baby walker on the market often pick up additional insurance at this time too.

Having a baby is one of the rare moments we get to experience in life. Availing of child and maternal services by using a private health insurance program has some added benefits compared to using public health services. Most private health insurance companies tend to exclude pregnancy coverage in their insurance policies, but if that clause is added in your coverage you have all the reasons in the world to be happy. If you are wise to have private health insurance with a maternity cover, you will be able to avoid some heavy bills that come along with giving birth.

In private health systems, parents are offered high-quality services, continuity of services, and above all, they experience a high level of comfort during pregnancy when giving birth, and in the immediate days after the birth. In a private insurance cover, the parents have the privilege of choosing their obstetrician, and other specialists such as a midwife and pediatrician. They can also access high-quality healthcare check-ups compared to their equals in the public system.

The private system gives one also the freedom to be consulted before certain decisions are made regarding your pregnancy and delivery process. For instance, you can have a discussion with your obstetrician about the best way of delivery. You can opt for a much suitable way either cesarean option or the normal childbirth after proper consultations with your obstetrician.

Members covered by private insurers enjoy lengthy stays in the hospital as opposed to those who deliver in public hospitals. During their stay in the hospital after the delivery, they get access to quality post-natal recovery services compared to their colleagues in public facilities. After natural delivery, they stay on average three days and five days when delivery was on the cesarean process this is mainly done to ensure the parent heals fully and is healthy to breastfeed the baby.

During their stay, they are offered a private room which often includes a bed for the patient and another one for the patient's partner or relative. This is to enable them to spend some quality time with the newborn and comfort the mother on the first few nights. This extra stay in private hospital ensures the parents receive more comprehensive advice on how to take care of the baby.

It is therefore important for soon-to-be parents or those who are thinking of having children to rethink their stand on whether they should get pregnancy cover as a couple when they take out a health insurance from a private provider. They have to weigh the pros and the cons while bearing in mind that when they do, they can opt for one with a pregnancy cover for the mother and another one without such coverage for the father. The fathers do not actually need such a coverage, therefore taking out a couple policy at this time would not be advisable.

What's the Big Deal with Medicare Supplement Plans?

Medicare Supplement

Finding the right health insurance for your needs can be a daunting and time consuming task. However, a helpful guide such as this never goes astray in leading you on the right path. Today we are focused on finding a Medicare supplement plan that ticks all the boxes.

What are Medicare Supplement Plans?

Firstly, let's delve into what a Medicare supplement plan is and how they provide benefits to their customers. Generally, these plans tie into your Medicare Part A and Part B. They come in particularly handy for your out-of-pocket costs. Different plans will cover different amounts of costs depending on the needs of the customer. Some common costs include co-insurance, co-payments, and deductibles. Out in field is where it becomes a little trickier, as doctors have to agree to Medicare assignments in order to cover these upfront costs. These doctors are normally ones you can choose yourself. But you roll the dice as the fees increase if the doctor chooses not to accept the Medicare assignment.

Range of Coverage

Medicare supplement plan providers vary from state to state in the US. Some states have what is called Medicare SELECT. This is often a collection of doctors and/or hospitals that all work together under the same umbrella. This means that when you are part of a plan like this, you will have to stick to the network outlined in the plan. Outside of the network and the bills will come pouring in during and after the treatment.

Currently, the market offers 10 plans that have an alphabetic letter to represent them. These include A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N and are available across most states, with a small handful having their own set of plans.

We have covered what is covered, however, let's focus on what is not. This may include, glasses, hearing, aids, dental, nursing, and prescription drugs to name the major areas.

Insurance Companies

Now that we know the ins and outs of what Medicare supplement plans involve, let's look at how the market presents these plans to customers. The good news for the consumer is that it's a competitor market out there and the prices are kept low in the process. Some of the leading brands in this industry are:

  • Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plans
  • Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans
  • Cigna Medicare Supplement Plans
  • United American Medicare Supplement Plans
  • Bankers Fidelity Medicare Supplement Plans

At the top of the list there is Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company. These guys are the heavyweights in the industry and offer consumers substantive coverage. They've been around since the turn of the 20th century and have an in depth experience of the medical industry. Their plans generally offer flexible choice in doctor, coverage you can take with you, reduced fees and a Guaranteed renewable. Mutual of Omaha are our pick of the bunch as their stable rates combined with superior customer service give them the edge over the competition. Their claims are processed quickly and have a track record of happy customers.

Tell us about your experiences with Medicare supplement plans and what to look at or stay away from when choosing a provider. It's a complex field, but we hope this short guide has helped you navigate the industry.

Prize Indemnity Insurance versus Contingency Insurance

Medicare Supplement

A business is a dynamic system where resources such as land, labor and capital are utilized to generate a profit or monetary rewards. Tangible resources are expensive, natural resources have become limited, and the quality of a labor force can become unstable and unreliable, which is why businesses are risky operations. A business can either succeed or fail.

A business has a 50/50 chance of succeeding, and only the brave and talented can see the glass half full and knows how to win a gamble without relying on Lady Luck. Good businessmen reduce or eliminate liabilities and secure their ventures with insurances.

Two of the most popular business insurances are Prize Indemnity Insurance and Contingency Insurance.

Prize Indemnity Insurance

Prize Indemnity Insurance is where a business passes the responsibility of paying its promised award on to an insurance company should there be a winner. Businesses such as lotteries, sweepstakes, and raffle promos earn by collecting registration fees or some sort from participants and spending only a fraction of it for insurance who will reimburse the insured if the prize is won.

Here are instances where prize indemnity insurance is suitable for a business:

  1. A game of spin the wheel was a promotion at a small grocery shop. The probability-based prize was won and was covered by prize indemnity insurance on behalf of the sponsor.
  2. A wager is placed at the NBAs. It is a sport highly based on skill and an insured organizer gets a prize indemnity insurance to pay for the prize triumphed.
  3. An insured business of a product brand sponsors a game of Scratch and Win at a department store. The business is able to propose a large prize to attract a crowd without risking award value. At the same time, the insured was given the chance to advertise without expense.

Contingency Insurance

Contingency Insurance, on the other hand, provisions for a possible, unforeseen, incidental future event that may affect a company's business, be it product or service, to customers which in turn may cause loss of income or bankruptcy. Most, if not all businesses, find it a necessity to get insured for contingencies. Accidents like fire; faulty machinery; human error; natural calamities such as storms, floods, hurricanes; and even the expected wear and tear of infrastructure can affect an entire enterprise negatively.

Here are examples of businesses' casualties where a contingency insurance is relevant:

  1. In 2013, Unilever's North American headquarters in New Jersey was handicapped by beaten, aging infrastructure which composed of five separate buildings in different locations. The offices cater to 1, 700 employees who need to constantly collaborate with one another. A contingency insurance could have helped with renovations and reconfiguring the spaces so that the avenue could have become a state of the art, effective and efficient workplace.
  2. Music artists who were supposed to hold an event in New York cancelled due to the failure of mechanical staging. A contingency insurance from La Playa covered for the commission lost due to forfeited opportunity.
  3. An insured business in Florida makes electronic products. The supplier has had a fire and is unable to provide for the insured. A contingency insurance covers for the profit the insured should've had if supplies had been delivered.

With insurance, a business grows by ensuring a consistently interested market and acquires profits by widening the margin while narrowing financial liabilities.

health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
Family Health Insurance
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance

SSIS offers FREE Sydney individual health insurance quotes for individual health insurance plans and family health insurance plans. We will research the most affordable health insurance plan or affordable dental plans for you and your family.

health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
Sydney Individual Health Insurance Quotes - Find out more!
Employee Benefits
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance

SSIS offers group health insurance quotes for group health insurance and employee benefits plans. We are able to quickly research the best and most affordable group health insurance plan and affordable dental plans to fit any sized employee group or any budget from only the highest rated insurance carriers.

health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
Sydney Group Health insurance Quotes - Find out more!
We Donate 1%
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance

"Karma" means "Action". To express our commitment to our social and environmental concerns, SSIS's Good Karma Program donates 1% of Sydney health insurance premiums to progressive causes. Donations are made on both individual health insurance and group health insurance policies.

health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
Good Karma Program - Find out more!
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
SSIS offers the most affordable Sydney health insurance quotes. Other agencies accomplish this by offering their clients "cheap" or "discount" health plans from poorly rated or unlicensed carriers that offer mediocre group and individual health insurance coverage. SSIS takes all the time necessary to properly research the most affordable group health insurance and individual health insurance plans specifically customized to your unique needs and budget.
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
After you receive your free online Sydney health insurance quote, an Account Representative will contact you to discuss and customize your group health insurance and individual health insurance quotes.
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
Individual Health Insurance Quotes
Group Health Insurance Quotes
health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance
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health insurance quotes , Sydney health insurance , individual health insurance , group health insurance